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Have the freedom to choose when you work and where with the support of Kemp Recruitment.

Our highly skilled internal staff and deep knowledge of the healthcare industry allow us to connect our members with shift and job opportunities in comfortable and well-trusted environments across Australia.

Kemp offers both temporary daily shifts and more casual block bookings, and works with clients to find roles for our members. Kemp’s range of services allow us to support you throughout your career and lifestyle changes, from the need for flexible day-to-day shifts to changes in location and the desire for promotions.

No matter where you are in your career, Kemp is here to support you.


Kemp Recruitment’s Agency service provides nurses and midwives with the freedom they want in their career while earning a competitive rate.

We understand the individual circumstances of our staff, from the full-time agency nurses to those using agency to support their income. Our friendly bookings team will work with you to find the opportunities and facilities that work best for you.

We also encourage you to reach your professional potential by offering free mandatory training.

Kemp’s Agency division combines education opportunities, a high pay rate and flexibility in schedule and location with a family-like quality of care so you know you are well supported throughout your career.

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Short Term Contracts

Our Short Term Contracts allow Kemp staff to have job security while enjoying the financial benefits of agency work.

We offer a range of block bookings in various facilities and locations, from local metro hospitals to remote facilities. Short term contracts are perfect if you are looking for a change of scenery, and offer an opportunity to upgrade your clinical skills by working in communities with different clinical needs.

Alternatively, you can choose to stay with a facility that you know and trust over an extended period of time, allowing you to build a sense of belonging without risk of cancellation.

Whatever you are looking for, Kemp can offer a short-term contract to elevate your agency experience.

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