Kemp Recruitment

Kemp Recruitment Indigenous Scholarship Scheme

Kemp Recruitment’s Scholarship Scheme is designed to encourage and assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to undergo study and join the Australian Health Workforce.

The scheme provides a full scholarship for an Indigenous Australian to complete a Diploma of Nursing.


To apply, you must be:

  • an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person
  • known and accepted in the community you live or have lived in
  • enrolled in a diploma of Nursing (EEN course)
  • must be willing to participate in Kemp Recruitment activities (but not limited to) ie surveys, testimonials, etc


Preparing your application

You must provide:

  • completed Kemp Recruitment application form
  • confirmation of Aboriginality
  • your resume
  • official confirmation of enrolment in an Australian Diploma of Nursing course that is accredited. The document must include:
    1. your name
    2. course name
    3. year of study
    4. list of subjects
    5. if enrollment confirmation is unavailable at the time of application, please provide a brief letter indicating your intention to enroll and forward your enrolment confirmation as soon as possible so that your application can be progressed. Generic course material will not be accepted.
  • a 500-word (max) essay explaining
    • why you want to be a nurse
    • why it’s important to have aboriginal people working as nurses
    • how this scholarship will help you complete your diploma studies

Applications now open

Applications for the Kemp Recruitment Indigenous Scholarship Scheme are now open and will close on Monday 6 December 2021 at 11:59pm AEDT. 

Please send all application documents to