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agency nurse

What does it mean to work for an Agency?

Agency work can be a fulfilling and flexible option for healthcare professionals.

Agency Staff are qualified healthcare professionals who work on a temporary (or locum) basis across multiple facilities, instead of holding a permanent role in one workplace.

Instead of being employed by a facility, agency nurses are employed by a Healthcare Agency like Kemp Recruitment. The agency will organise your shifts for you based on your availability, which can be updated at any time. You are paid for your work by the agency and earn high casual rates, which is why many nurses and midwives work for an agency alongside their primary job.

Working for an agency is a great way to take control of your work life, and make it fit around your personal life.

What do you do as an agency nurse?

You’ll work across multiple facilities instead of staying in one workplace. As an agency staff member at Kemp Recruitment, you’ll have access to shifts in a wide range of healthcare facilities every week. You’ll be in various work environments, working with different teams and undertaking new tasks and responsibilities, which will give you the opportunity to expand your skills.

You have the chance to meet new people and discover different working styles. If you do not like working for a particular facility, whether it be too far away or a work style that doesn’t suit you, you can let the Agency know and we will not offer you more shifts there.

You work on a shift-to-shift basis, which means you control your hours, shift pattern and overall income. You are not locked in to set hours or workplaces. You control how often you work and the times of the shifts you pick up. You can adjust your availability as things in your life change, and can accept or decline any shifts that are made available to you.

You are supported by your agency. Your agency will constantly communicate with you so they know how they can best support you and your goals. You will keep them updated with your preferences and availability so they can find work that meets this. Kemp Recruitment will find shifts on your behalf, will confirm with the facility once you have accepted, and will pay you after you complete your shift. If anything happens during your shift or you have any questions, you can come to Kemp Recruitment for help.

How are you expected to act as an agency nurse?

  • Agency nurses are expected to fit seamlessly into every facility they work in. It is your responsibility to adapt to work well in different teams and uphold the work standards of that facility. If you have any concerns about the way a facility is run, contact Kemp Recruitment once your shift is complete.
  • You should uphold the standards of the agency. You are representing the agency when you complete a shift under its name. You should be respectful and professional at every facility you work at. You should be open to working in new ways and should adapt to the procedures of the workplace.
  • The well-being of the patient should come first. You should be professional at all times and ensure you are completing your job to a high standard. You should adhere to proper hygiene and safety standards.
  • You must arrive at your shift on time and stay until you are no longer needed. If you have not been to a facility before, it is a good idea to leave plenty of time to find your way around. At some shifts you may be required to stay late to complete a list, whilst others may finish early.
  • You should follow through with your booked shifts. Availabilities can be changed regularly, but should be updated a minimum of 1 week in advance to a shift to reduce pull outs. If you must pull out of a shift due to illness or emergency, let your Kemp Recruitment know ASAP.

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