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Is Agency Nursing Right For You?

There are many employment options when entering the nursing profession. While some may choose to be be employed full time by a specific hospital, others are employed by a third-party company that finds them casual work across different facilities. Some professionals choose to do both and supplement their income from their full-time position with casual shifts.

So how do you know what type of employment is right for you?

What is Agency Nursing?

An agency nurse is a qualified Registered Nurse (RN), Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN), Enrolled Nurse (EN) or Assistant in Nursing (AIN) that completes their job on a temporary basis across a variety of healthcare facilities.

They are employees of a nursing agency rather than a specific hospital. This means that they are paid by the agency. This also means agency nurses can rely on the agency to find them shifts, and negotiate with facilities on the nurse’s behalf.

Agency nursing allows nurses to have flexibility in when and where they work, which makes it perfect for individuals looking to reenter the workforce on a casual basis or those who want to supplement their income around existing employment.

The Benefits of Agency Nursing

Flexible shifts

Agency nursing allows nurses to have control over when, where and how often they work. The nursing agency will help nurses organise their shifts around their preferences, so they can schedule their work life around personal and employment responsibilities. This makes Agency nursing perfect for those wanting to maintain a work-life balance, or for those looking to find additional work.

Gain experience

Working across different clinical environments exposes agency nurses to a variety of skills, responsibilities and workplace cultures.

High Rates

Agency nursing, depending on the qualification, often offers higher wages for nurses. It is highly financially rewarding, particularly if a nurse’s availability allows them to pick up more shifts. This also makes agency nursing a great option for those looking to earn extra money easily.


It is the job of a nursing agency to connect their employees with healthcare facilities. They do the ground work to find the opportunities that are most suitable to the skills and lifestyles of their employees, and negotiate on behalf of the nurse.

Agencies often also offer help and resources for renewing mandatory competencies, obtaining National Police Checks and continuing training.

Is Agency Nursing Right for You?

Agency nursing is a great option for professionals who thrive working in different environments, or those who are looking to maintain a work-life balance around other responsibilities, whether they are personal, family, or work related.

The flexibility of agency nursing is optimal for those looking to ease back into casual work, and for those who are experiencing unexpected financial stress and need to earn extra money fast.

However, if you work best with a set routine, the flexibility of agency work may not be for you.

Likewise, if you rely on guaranteed work and pay, agency nursing may not be appropriate as a primary source of income, but may be effective to supplement other work.

If you are looking to move into a senior role, you may decide to move away from agency work. A permanent recruitment service may be more effective in finding the opportunities appropriate for your qualifications or career aspirations.

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